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GSP vs. Jean Claude Van Damme in ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’


Two generations of martial arts stars collided on the set of the ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ film when Hollywood action hero Jean Claude Van Damme went up against MMA legend Georges St-Pierre in an explosive combat scene.

JCVD was the star of the unique ‘Kickboxer’ film, which quickly became a cult conventional while it became first launched in 1989, and he’d cross directly to have become an icon for children growing up in that generation – consisting of GSP.

”Jean-Claude Van Damme for me, developing up in a French surroundings in Quebec, he was the most important megastar, so preventing him for me was like preventing the hero of my day,” St-Pierre admitted in an interview

“It was a dream come proper. It turned into like fighting my mentor, so to speak. This was the man who stimulated me to be in the UFC and all of these things, so i was very frightened, however I knew Jean-Claude from earlier than, so I wanted to do nicely. I wanted the combat to be memorable.”

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