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VIDEO | Dana White fires back at Meryl Streep’s ‘stupid’ and ‘uneducated’ crack at MMA


UFC President Dana White spoke with TMZ following Streep’s speech and addressed what Streep had to mention.

“It’s not gonna be all and sundry’s aspect and the remaining element I count on is an uppity 80-yr-old girl to be in our demographic and love blended martial arts,” White said.

when asked if he idea Streep took an immediate shot at MMA with White speakme at the Republican national convention in aid of Trump, White changed into uncertain.

“I don’t understand, perhaps she did. I’m not sure. I mean, Ari Emanuel is certainly Hollywood and he makes films and television indicates and wasn’t a Trump supporter either but I don’t understand,” said White. “if you truely observe who follows the UFC and is in to mixed martial arts, it’s anyone. Like I said, I don’t expect and 80-12 months-vintage lady to be a big fan of blended martial arts and listen, every body is in to anything. I’m not a massive fan of golf. Doesn’t suggest people have to stop watching it. in case you don’t love it, alternate the channel.”

while requested if MMA ought to be taken into consideration an artwork, White had his reasoning to returned his sport up.

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